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Fully Welded Ball Valve

Fully Welded Ball Valve

    超达集团专业研制生产Fully Welded Ball Valve等阀门产品,超达生产的Fully Welded Ball Valve具有产品密封性能好、使用安全可靠、使用寿命长等特点。

   Chaoda is specialized in developing fully welded ball valves with following good characteristics: good sealing performance, reliable safety guarantee, long life span and etc. 

    Fully Welded Ball Valve以其优越的品质和高性能的稳定性是普通铸钢球阀所无法达到的,Fully Welded Ball Valve使用寿命远远大于铸钢球阀,广泛应用于城市燃气,城市供热,石油化工,造船,钢铁,调压站,发电厂等各类管道设备上。Fully Welded Ball Valve可以直埋于地下,不用建高大阀门井减少工程造价,同时也可以避免操作阀门时造成人员的伤害,Fully Welded Ball Valve能长期可靠运行使用。

   Fully welded ball valves are widely used in many area for it has the excellent&stable working performance which general casting ball valves could reach. Fully welded ball valves are welcomed in various pipeline or devices such as in area of urban natural gas transfer and urban heat supply, petrochemical, ship building, steel, pressure regulating station, power plant and etc. This valve could be easily installed and work normally for a long period with necessary maintenance. Fully welded ball valve could be buried below the group and reduce the cost the a valve chamber(some damage would still occer in it when worker operates the valve) for general ball valves. 

    Q61Y Fully Welded的末端焊接采用电焊或手工焊接。应避免阀室过热。焊接末端距离不能过短,确保不会将焊接过程产生的热量对密封材料造成破坏。安装过程中应将阀门全部打开。

   The welding work of the connection ends of Q61Y fully welded ball valve should be done with electro-welding or hand-welding. The connection pup shouldn't be too short to avoid over-high tempereture of the seat part to cause any potential damage to the seat sealing. The valve should be totally open when installed.






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Fully Welded Ball Valve产品简介

    Fully Welded Ball Valve适用于Class150~Class1500、PN16~PN100的各种管路上,用于截断或接通管路中的介质。选用不同的材质,超达集团的Fully Welded Ball Valve可分别适用于水、蒸汽、油品、硝酸、醋酸、氧化性介质、尿素等多种介质。Fully Welded Ball Valve的驱动方式为手动、蜗轮传动、气动或电动。Fully Welded Ball Valve一般采用法兰连接,也可采用对焊连接。

    Fully welded ball valves (Flanged or butt-welding connection) are suitable for use on various kinds of pipeline from pressure Class 150 to Class 1500, PN16 to PN100 to cut off or allow the following of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing substance, carbamide and etc. Manual/worm gear/pneumatic or electric actuators could be chosen by needs. 

    Fully Welded Ball Valve不会有外部泄漏等现象,由于阀座是由碳纤维增强特氟隆密封环及碟形簧构成的,所以对压力和温度的变化适应能力强,在标注压力和温度范围内不会产生任何泄滑。球体的加工过程有先进的计算机检测仪跟踪检测,所以球体的加工精度高。

    There wouldn't be any external leakage as it's fully welded. And spring loaded RPTFE(20% C reforced type)  insert is used to ensure there wouldn't be any problem with the designing range both of pressure and temperature. Advanced devices are used to check the pricision of ball manufacturing

Fully Welded Ball Valve用途:

   Urban gas: Gas exporting pipeline, main pipeline and its branches.   


   Heat supply: Heat exporting pipe, the main pipeline and its branches.


   Heat exchanger: On-off function on Pipeline and its branches.


   Steel factory: all the pipelines carrying medium, waste gas, fuel, coal and heat supplying system.   


    Various industrial devices: various pipeline system in heat treatment, industrial coal gas and heat transfer.


Fully Welded Ball Valve产品特点

    超达研制生产的Fully Welded Ball Valve具有产品密封性能好、使用安全可靠、使用寿命长等特点。


Fully Welded Ball Valve标准规范

 设计制造标准:API 6D、API 608、BS 5351、GB/T 12237

 结构长度标准:ASME B 16.10、GB/T 12221
 连接法兰标准:ASME B 16.5、GB、JB、HG、SH、BS、DIN、JIS等
 试验检验标准:API 598、GB/T 13927、GB/T 26480、JB/T9092、ISO 5208

Fully Welded Ball Valve零件部件材料

Fully Welded Ball Valve结构外形尺寸

CHAODA group Professional manufacturing Fully Welded Ball Valve


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⑤Material, test standard and other requirement ⑥CHAODA could supply all kinds of actuator and spare parts and so on as client’s requirement.

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