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Metal To Metal Sealed Ball Valve

Metal To Metal Sealed Ball Valve

   CHAODA Valves Group has been specialized in developing and manufacturing Metal to Metal Sealed Ball Valve for more than 20 years. Now company has developed metal Sealed Ball Valves including Floating, trunnion, V-type series to be widely used in industries of Coal chemical, polysilicon, petroleum, chemical, power plant, metallurgy and etc which receive reputation from clients and government.

   The metal to metal Sealed Ball Valve series of CHAODA has won the awards of 15 national patents, National key new product(High temperature type metal to metal sealed ball valve), 3 items of national torch project(High parameter metal to metal sealed wear-resistant ball valve, Metal to metal Sealed Ball Valve used for gray  & black water,mortar and coal slurry), 5 provincial/municipal/county level scientific&technological progress. Also, company has taken in part in the drafting work of national standard of GB/T21385-2008 Metal Seated ball valves.

Type: QA41Y,QA47Y,QA341Y,QA347Y
Bore: NPS½~NPS6,DN15~DN150
Rating: Class150~Class1500,PN20~PN260
Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel,Duplex Stainless Steel
Operation: 手动,蜗轮传动,电动,气动 Lever, Worm Gear, Electric actuator, Pneumatic actuator
Applicable: 煤化工,多晶硅,石化,石油等行业 Coal Chemical, Poly-silicon, Petrochemical, Petroleum and etc

Honor:国家重点新产品,国家火炬计划, National Key New Product, National Torch Project Product
     起草国家standards,, Participate in the drafting of national standard
     Zhejiang Famous Brand, Zhejiang Famous Exporting Brand,
     多项国家发明专利,实用新型专利, Awarded many National Patents
     多项中国机械奖,省市县科技进步奖等... Many awards of Chinese Mechanical Prize, Prizes of Provincial&Municipal Technical Progress


Metal Sealing Ball Valve product description

Metal Sealing Ball Valve (Flanged general or butt-welding connection optional) are suitable for using on various kinds of pipeline from pressure Class 150 to Class 1500, PN20 to PN260 to cut off or allow the flowing of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing substance, carbamide and etc. Manual/worm gear/pneumatic or electric actuators could be chosen by needs. 

Metal Sealing Ball Valve product features

The metal to metal Sealed Ball Valves developed by Chaoda have following good characteristics: good sealing performance, reliable safety guarantee, long life span and etc.

    Metal To Metal Sealing Ball Valve的球体与阀座完全采用金属对金属的密封方式,为了确保阀门在各种温度和压力下的可靠密封,针对用户的不同使用工况和要求,可以采用多种 先进的球体和阀座的硬化技术,包括超音速喷涂,镍基喷焊,表面特殊硬化,硬质合金喷焊以及采用高强度高硬度陶瓷 material等,球体和阀座表面硬度一般可达到 HRC60以上,最高可达HRC74以上。密封面 material耐温可达540℃,最高可达980℃。 material的结合强度可以达到10000PSI以上,密封面 material还具 有很好的耐磨擦,耐冲击等性能。Metal To Metal Sealing Ball Valve能够适用于绝大多数的苛刻工况条件。

    Metal to metal sealed design has been employed perfectly for the ball and seat, which has also adopted the advanced hardening technologies, such as ultro-sonic spray coating, nickel base spray welding, surface specially hardening, stellite spray welding, ceramic material with high strength and hardness, and so on. Surface hardness of the ball and seat may generally reach more than HRC60, Maximun is up to HRC74, and application to more than 10000 PSI. Besides, the surface materials posses also very good resistance properties of friction and impact. Metal to metal sealed ball valves made by CHAODA are suitable for use in most criticle working conditions.


   高温工况下由于热膨胀而容易引起球体与阀座的涨死,从而导致阀门无法开启。 CHAODAMetal To Metal Sealing Ball Valve采用了碟簧或弹簧加载的专利密封结构,在高温下零部件的热膨胀可以被碟簧或弹簧所吸收,故能够保证阀门在高温下不会被涨死,并能够在高温下灵活启闭。

    Valve stuck under high temperature prevented

    In the case of high temperature working condition, the valve seat and ball would easily get stuck due to heat expansion, and the valve could not be open. Metal to metal sealed ball valves made by CHAODA employ the patented design of bevelling spring loading, which would absorb the heat expansion of parts caused by the bevelling spring. So, it is ensured that the valve would not get stuck and be open and close easily in the case of high temperature condition.



    Excellent tightness function

A unique technique has been employed for the ball grinding, which makes the ball surface reach extreme round and smooth by rotating the ball and grinding apparatus at different directions in space. The tightness function of the valve meets completely and exceeds the standard requirement.



    An entire fire safe structure

The metal to metal sealed structure has been adopted for the valve sealing surface design. Packing is so designed with graphite, and gasket is so designed with stainless steel, plus graphite that the valve can assure reliable tightness even if under fire condition.


   Metal To Metal Sealing Ball Valve的阀体,阀座,球体等金属parts紧密接触,自然形成了静电通道。因此,Metal To Metal Sealing Ball Valve不需要设置专门的防静电装置。

   Natural anti-atatic structure

Metal Hard Seal Ball Valve with its body seat, ball, other metal parts , and so forth, closely contact with each other, having naturally formed a static electricity passage. In this respect, there is no need to provide special anti-static device.

Metal Sealing Ball Valve standards

  Design and manufacture standards:API 6D, API 608, GB/T 12237, BS 5351, GB/T 21385-2008

  Face to face dimensions standards:ASME B 16.10, GB/T 12221

  Flanged Ends standards:ASME B 16.5、GB/T 9112~9124、HG/T 20592、HG/T 20615、JB/T 74~90、JIS B2238

  Testing inspection standards:API 598, GB/T 13927, GB/T 26480, JB/T9092, ISO 5208

Metal Sealing Ball Valve parts and material

Metal Sealing Ball Valve main size and weight

CHAODA valves group co.,ltd. Professional manufacturing Metal To Metal Sealed Ball Valve.


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①Valve’s type, End to End dimension ②Connection Ends ③Nominal diameter ④Service medium and temperature and working pressure range
⑤Material, test standard and other requirement ⑥CHAODA could supply all kinds of actuator and spare parts and so on as client’s requirement.

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