Notice:The original Zhejiang Chaoda valve Co., Ltd upgraded itself to Chaoda Valves Group Co., Ltd, that is the Chaoda Valves Group, and as Chaoda Group for short.

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CHAODA valves group News center

CHAODA valves group News center


Chaoda Valves Group 30-Year Annivesary

Year 1984, Mr. Wang and Mr. Huang established "Yongjia Qingshui Gauge Valve company"

Year 1989, Company changed its name to "Yongjia Yingpei Valve company", and started to manufacture valves according to international standard.

Large size safety valve and Negative pressure safety valve was used for coking project in Shijiazhuang, Pangang, Magang instead of imported valves.

Year 1992, company registered the logo of "Chaoda" which means always try to be innoviate and meet top level clients' needs. And began to produce API standard gate/check/globe valve and export to Japan through Shanghai Wukuang Company.

Year 1995, established its R&D center after inviting Mr. Qiu Xiaolai to work in Chaoda.

Year 1996, company invited Ning Danfeng who was the chief engineer of Lanzhou High Pressure valve company to work in Chaoda to improve the quality management system.

Year 1997, company registered its website as

Year 1998, company set up its R&D center to deal with the R&D works of new product and technology. And also obstained ISO 9001 certificate.

Year 1999, Yongjia Yingpei Valve company was upgraded to "Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd" and became qualified supplier for Sinopec.

And company became the first private company to take part in issuing national mechanical standard-JB/T 8937-1999 for wafer check valve

Year 2000, company obtained the API 6D Certificate and became qualified supplier for CNPC. In the same year, Chaoda participate in issuing GB/T 9112~9124-2000 for steel piping flange and other 12 national standard and won the first prize of scientific&technology progress from Chinese AMST.   

Year 2001, company was defined as "Zhejiang High-tech enterprise" and got the license for import and export business.

Year 2002, High temperature metal sealing ball valve became national key new product and became qualified supplier for nation power generation system. At the same year, company got the CE certificate and awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Scientic&technology office with the title of "Demonstration company of information engineering for Manufacturing Industry"

Year 2003, company became the first in China to get API 600 certificate(No 11 in the world) and a qualified supplier for CNOOC.  

Year 2004, Chaoda Wuxing Factory which covering 32,000㎡ was formed and got into operation and got the TS&API 607 Certificate in the same year. Chaoda brand became Zhejiang Famous brand since this year.

Year 2005, company was awarded "National Key High-tech enterprise".

The metal sealing high temperature ball valve was liisted in Nationall Torch project.

The developed grey&black water used metal sealing ball valve began to be widely used in coal chemical euqipment instead of imported valves.

 "The application of PDM System based on WEB in valve manufacturing industry" was accepted by Zhejiang Scientific&Technology office and put into use.

Year 2006, company estblished its provincial research center.

                  company got the API 6FA certificate

                  Chaoda qingtian foundry which covered 40,000 ㎡ was formed and put into use.

                  Chaoda supplied over 30,000 pieces valves to MDI project in Shanghai which was owned by BASF and Huntsman.

Year 2007, The chief engineer, Mr. Qiu was awarded the national May-1st labor prize and Zhejiang Labor model title.

Supplied over 7,000 pieces valves to UT Oil tank project in Singapore which marked Chaoda began to step itself in to the international valve market.

Year 2008, the developed wear-resistant ball valve was used to Shenhua's 1 million ton/year coal liquefaction project in a large scale and company was confirmed as the only valve enterprise among the project commissioning guarantee group.

The metal sealing ball valve for grey-black water, slurry, coal water was listed as national torch project.

Chaoda was awarded Zhejiang Famous Brand product.

Beijing Gas Group awarded company a pennant reading"Thanks for the support to a sucessful Olympic" to show their thanks for Chaoda's good quality valve in Olympic project.

Nearly 100,000 Sanitary wear resistant valve was used in Xuzhou Zhongneng and other 10 polysilicon projects instead of imported valves.

Chaoda became qualified supplier for PDO in Oman and NISOC in Iran.  

Year 2009, the pipeline ball valve&full welded ball valve were used in national key energy project---West To East Gas transfer project.   

The high performance valve which coule meet the requirement of serving High sulfur medium and low emission was at large scale used in Puguang Gas project instead of imported valves.

The cryogenic valve was used in Hefei LNG project instead of imported valves.

The high temperature bellow sealing ball valve was used in Shandong Shenchi Coking-delay project instead of imported valves.

Together with France Alstom company, Chaoda developed high-strength low temperature casting used for Motor in high-speed engine.

The metal sealing ball valve(Class2500-NPS10) was used in equipment of space industry instead of imported valves.

Company was qualified supplier for SK South Korea.

Company got the TS Certificate.
Company set up a "Zhenghai Chaoda valve repair&service Co.,Ltd" in Ningbo.

Company developed the device for Zhejiang University which was used for submarine sampling project and 3 of them was listed as the national 863 peoject.

Year 2010, the wear-resistant metal sealing ball valve was awarded national torch project.    

Company became one of the vice chairman unit of China valve association, and executive vice president of Zhejiang Pump&valve association.

The chief engineer Qiu Xiaolai was awarded title of "National Labor model"

The top entry ball valve got the API 6FA certificate from TUV German.

Company established its subsidiary in Taiwan named"Taiwan Chaoda Valve Co.,Ltd"

Company was a qualified supplier for  SABIC in Saudi.

According to the requirement of Shell, the testing equipment of High&Low temperature, High pressure, Life span of valve was finished.

Year 2011, company was awarded Key High-Tech enterprise of National Torch Project.   

The lock hopper valve used for coal gasification won the second prize of China Mechanical industry Scientific&technology.

Company was a qualified supplier for Shell.

The information mangement project consisting of using CAD, CAPP, PDM, EPR was began to put into use.

Cooperated with Kaieng University, "Chaoda valve" class was set up to cultivate more talent in valve industry.

Company set up a "Jiangsu Chaoda valve repair&service Co.,Ltd" in Jiangsu Yizheng.

Year 2012, metal sealing ball valves used for grey&black water was awarded national key new product.

                 Large size no external leakage bellow sealing gate valve was listed as national torch project.

                  Company established "Neimenggu Chaoda repair&service co.,Ltd" in Neimenggu.

                  Company obtained the low emission certificate as to ISO 15848 By TUV German.

Year 2013, company upgraded itself to Chaoda valve group co.,Ltd.

                  Company bought a new land of 128,000 ㎡ in Lishui to establish Chaoda Lishui factory to expand its production capacity.

                  Company  established its subsidiary company in Japan named"Japan Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd"

                  Lock hopper valve used in coal gasification equipment was awarded national key new product.

Year 2014. at the 30th anniversary of Chaoda's foundation, Chaoda group e-business co., ltd was established to give clients internet selling service.

                           Chaoda was awarded Wenzhou technology innovation enterprise in electromechnanical industry, Star entrepreneur and outstanding technical personnel.

                           Qiu Xiaolai was listed in the super expert candidate of Zhejiang Province.

                           The innovative technic group was awarded Wenzhou Key innovative team.

                           Metal sealing ball valve used for grey water won the second prize of technology of  Chinese Mechanical industry

                          Chaoda was awarded Wenzhou Demonstration company of Patent of year 2010.

                           The chief engineer Qiu Xiaolai won the special prize in Wenzhou technology progress competition.

                            "Metal sealing wear-resistant' ball valve was listed as the national torch project.

                           Chief engineer Qiu Xiaolai won the prize of scientific progress  of China General machinery industry