Notice:The original Zhejiang Chaoda valve Co., Ltd upgraded itself to Chaoda Valves Group Co., Ltd, that is the Chaoda Valves Group, and as Chaoda Group for short.

CHAODA valve

Lock hopper valve used for coal gasfiication device was awarded 2013 National Key New product


QT647Y Lock hopper valve used for coal gasfiication device was awarded 2013 National Key New product.

    煤气化装置用锁渣阀原来基本上被国外阀门企业垄断, CHAODA VALVES GROUP CO.,LTD.根据用户的需求,经过多年调研和自主研发全新的结构和工艺,成功研制煤气化装置用锁渣阀后,在淮化 group及鲁南化肥厂的气化装置上现场使用考核。对于工况条件最苛刻的锁渣罐出口部位的锁渣阀(XV1310), CHAODA锁渣阀的使用寿命已经到达进口锁渣阀的两倍,并且该阀门仍在使用中。

   目前已在淮化 group,鲁南化肥厂,内蒙古三维煤化科技 group,滕州凤凰化肥厂等十多家企业推广使用,由于大量替代进口产品,为用户,为国家节约了大量的投资,同时,由于产品的国产化,使用户今后的服务和维修更加方便。该产品的成功研制,大大提高了 CHAODA特种金属硬密封球阀的设计和制造水平,使我国特种金属硬密封球阀的设计和制造达到了国际先进水平,并为我国煤化工,煤制油等重要工业的发展提供了优良的阀门装备,为锁渣阀产品全面替代进口,为高端 valve products进入国际市场打下了坚实的基础。

  Lock hopper valve used for coal gasfication device was monopolized by foreign valve company. According to client's need, after many years' R&D of a new structure, Chaoda has sucessfully developed its lock hopper valve and is installed in the gasfication device of Huaihua Group&Lunan fertilizer plant for assessment.Used in the outlet port of hopper tank which is under most severe working condition, the valve's time served developed by Chaoda has been 2 times longer than imported valves and is still working well at this moment.

  Now the valve has been widely used in Huaihua Group, Lunan Fertilizer plant, Neimenggu 3D coal chemical technology group, Tengzhou phoenix fertilizer plant and some other companies instead of imported valves to reduce cost for them. Moreover, as it would be more convenient for users when they need repairing or after-sale service as now it's made in homeland. The sussessful development of this product improves Chaoda's designing and manufacturing level of metal sealing ball valve.This valve lays the foundation of using domestic lock hopper valve instead of imported one as well as let Chinese high-level valve has the ability to step into the international market.